Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Teen's Problem: Sleep Disorder

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Last week, I had been suffering sleep disorder which was insomnia (maybe or even better than that).

I had analyzed myself during the nights that my eyes were hardly to close.
The diagnosis showed that I had ruined a bit my sleep’s time. (Skill owned by a pharmacist to-be, INSYA-ALLAH)
It was because I ‘played’ futsal at PJ with my brother and brother-in-law last night.
Actually, I was taking care of my nephew, Ahmad Rashid.
My sister was correct.
To look for her son was much more tired than playing futsal.
I had to bring him around and make him laughing in order to prevent him from crying all the time.
The game was only taking us for 2 hour.
After that, we watched television in order to relieve our tired.
Burning the midnight’s oil caused my sleep was not in order for next 2 nights.

First night after finishing my CNY holidays, I could not sleep even I was lying on the bed which can make me to sleep soundly.
I was able to sleep after the clock showing me 2.30 a.m.
I tried to read books which recommended by HOTFM as reading can make people sleep but it have negative result.
I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning
On the next day, I planned to sleep in the bus before arriving at INTEC.
However, I had to stand not sit.
So, there was no sleep in that morning,
During the lecture times, I felt fresh even I did have enough sleep. (Amazingly weird)
After the Asr time, I tried to sleep again but I was unable to do so.

At the 2nd night, I experienced the same symptoms.
On the next day, my body was shaking a bit but not dancing!!
My eyes were still unable to close even I felt so exhausted in that afternoon.
I taught I would be fainted somehow in INTEC.
After the Asr time, I forced myself to sleep right after I reached my room.
I woke up during the Maghrib time.
The sleep was so a relief for me to get some ATP to continue my day.

Then, at night, I was able to sleep. The secret of the scene before the sleep will be told after this.

After 2 nights without enough sleep, I meet Hajah Siti Aluyah to get her consultation.
She advised me to pray and speak my problems out to ALLAH.
Appreciation credited to Hajah Siti Aluyah.
Outmost important was Thanks ALLAH for relieving me.

I would like to thank that guy, named A.
It was because he sang some songs to me.
Then, I could sleep soundly…really a sound.
In meantime, I knew him better and caused my perception changed on that particular thing.

After that, my sleep was well.
Moral of the story, do appreciate our sleep but do not too appreciate it until we forget what the world is about.

p/s: Thanks to radinfadzil for sharing his blog. (huhuhu)

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