Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Farewell To Our Advisor

'Today brings the end of our trip 
our time as a group is now over, that's it
I love the simple word hello
It always rings an enjoyable bell
But one of the saddest words i know
is the tearful word farewell.

The word farewell often brings tears
And I've never known it to bring happiness 
in fact the time you say farewell
could also mean your very last goodbye

Farewell is a feeling
of something that’s gone
Farewell is a memory
that stays for too long
Farewell is everything
that’s been left unspoken

Goodbye to a farewell Advisor
Goodbye to a farewell friend, 
I never expected you to leave but you ran away, 
You said you would stay, 
But just like that you slammed the door in my face, 
So I guess you weren’t meant to stay, 
that’s why I say today you’re my farewell friend, 

I wish you farewell, 
to new and better things, 
No matter how tough it is, 
never give it up.
Reach for what you want, 
and you'll fly into the sky.

So long, I submit you a farewell, 
No matter how hard it may be to let you go.
I'll see you again, or perhaps not, 
whether you come to visit or it's in my memories.
Never overlook those who love you, 
I'm here for you.

I wish you a farewell, 
to a new and more thrilling adventure. 
Although there will be hard times, 
Forget them and remember the good ones 
you had here with your club members or I should say family

”Now I stand here in this small field, 
waiting for you to come, 
I just can’t face the fact that you’re gone” 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Avoid Yourself From Becoming An Introverted Weirdo !

I'm a total introvert (during holiday like this) and the creature comforts of home are usually a lot more enticing than a social outing. The amount of awesome that you can stuff into a small house makes it incredibly hard to get out and leave. The fact most people have a big flat screen TV, can stream just about any movie or TV show on demand, and can automate the delivery of pretty much everything makes it easier than ever to stay cooped up inside. Still, social interaction is good for you, so let's take a look at some ways (healthy ways) you can motivate yourself to get out of the house every now and again.

Turn Leaving the House Into a Game

One of the easiest tricks to forcing yourself out of the house is to incentivize it with a game. The most popular way to do this is probably Foursquare, which rewards you with badges and points when you visit new locations. It's also a good way to try new things and stay in touch with friends, a fact I can personally attest to.

The handy thing about Foursquare (or whatever location-based social app you choose) is that you can also see what your friends are up to if they're in your area. For instance, if a friend checks in at a restaurant near you then you'll know they're out hanging out and probably looking for more company.

Schedule a Day a Week to Try Something New

Sometimes getting out of the house requires a more forceful tactic. In this case, try scheduling a day to try something new. Take a look at your weekly schedule and see where you might have some long stints of nothing to do. Schedule in a day where you hit up a new restaurant or meet up with friends for a new activity. It might sound like overkill, but the truth is if you're given the option to stay in and enjoy the luxuries of home for free or go out and spend a little money, you're probably more likely to choose the money saving method.

That's totally okay on most days, but if you schedule in at least one day a week to go do something a little different, you'll simultaneously keep yourself from falling into a rut and get out of the house. If you're feeling especially introverted, it's a good idea to ride the coattails of an extrovert friend while you're at it because they'll probably force you out whether you like it or not.

Take a Walk and Explore Your Neighborhood

This might be a silly suggestion to some people, but it's one that I personally take advantage of all the time. If I catch myself getting too into some nonsense task like an all-day movie binge or I get too involved in work I'll force myself to get up and walk around the neighborhood. The trick here is to try and explore new areas each time and make eye contact with neighbors (and smile, for crying out loud).

In my case, I live in a neighborhood that happens to border a ton of other, more interesting neighborhoods, and my explorations have lead me to new coffee shops, tiny ice cream stands, and hole-in-wall restaurants. As a bonus I've also met and chatted with a bunch of my neighbors. If nothing else, walking might increase your brain size and memory. 

Volunteer at a Non-Profit

Sure, working for free probably doesn't sound better than playing Xbox for six hours straight, but it's a good way to get out of the house and do something productive. Bonus: you'll feel horrible if you skip a day so you're more likely to do it. Before you start worrying about toiling away in a soup kitchen, know that volunteering can encompass everything from teaching a class on electronics to writing blogs for non-profits. Volunteering isn't just a good way to get out of the house; it's also good padding for your resume.

Really, as long as you're getting out of the house now and again you should be able to steer clear of a Howard Hughes-esque fate, but it's totally understandable if it's a bit tough to get up the willpower to do it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Jom Baca Buku

adapted from


Gubahan: Kusham, Nada Studio
Lirik: SMDee, Canang Adcalls Sdn Bhd
Diterbitkan oleh: Canang Adcalls Sdn Bhd

Awal suruhan ialah membaca
Menuntut ilmu disuruh budaya
Inilah teladan sepanjang masa
Gayakan hidup dengan membaca

Apalah nama andai tanpa ilmu
Apalah mahkota permatanya palsu
Tanpa membaca cacatlah minda
Tanpa ilmu ke manalah kita

Jika ilmu penuh di dada
Bila bergaya dengan membaca
Dunia sempit menjadi luas
Tempah kejayaan tiada terbatas

Negara yang kecil tinggi martabat
Kerana ilmu, negara berdaulat

Mari kawan kita membaca
Mari rakan, timba ilmu dengan membaca
Inilah perjuangan, sambutlah seruan
Jadikan Membaca Gaya Wawasan

Take a book and read
To gain knowledge, everyone has to read
Let’s reach out, open up your mind
Let’s make reading, a lifestyle of Wawasan

Apabila menonton  video di atas, teringat pula waktu kecil suka terjerit2 menyanyikan lagu MEMBACA GAYA WAWASAN.

Video ini merupakan salah satu usaha kerajaan untuk mempromosikan budaya membaca dalam kalangan rakyat Malaysia.
Menurut Dewan Masyarakat tahun 2009, secara puratanya seorang rakyat Malaysia hanya membaca 2 buah buku setahun.
Secara ilmiah, ini menunjukkan rakyat Malaysia masih jauh ketinggalan dalam pembudayaan ilmu berbanding negara lain seperti Jepun dan England.

Kebanyakan daripada kita lebih gemar untuk membaca bahan bacaan picisan seperti komik dan majalah hiburan.
Sebenarnya, bahan bacaan picisan bukanlah tidak baik untuk dibaca cuma apabila dijadikan peneman hidup seharian, buku-buku ini langsung tidak membantu dalam pembentukan minda kelas pertama.

Selain itu, ramai pelajar membaca buku untuk berjaya dalam peperiksaan semata-mata.
Ilmu yang dibaca akan hilang begitu sahaja sebaik peperiksaan tamat.
Hal ini menunjukkan mentaliti pelajar-pelajar Malaysia masih berada tangga tercorot.

Seterusnya, harga buku yang mahal di pasaran menyebabkan minat membaca akan merudum.
Mereka berfikiran secara logik harga yg ditawar seharusnya lebih murah mengikut aspek kualiti buku tersebut.
Sewajarnya, kita berfikiran lebih jauh secara positif bahawa harga buku lebih bergantung kepada negara asal buku, pengarang buku, jenis buku, jenis kertas yg digunakan dan trend perminatan dan penghasilan

Marilah kita ambil iktibar dari terjemahan berikut:

Dalam Surah Al-Alaq, ayat 1-2, “Bacalah. Bacalah dengan nama Tuhan yang menciptakan segala makhluk”

Dalam Surah Al-Mujadalah ayat 11,” Wahai orang yang beriman! Apabila dikatakan kepadamu: "Berlapang-lapanglah dalam majlis," maka lapangkanlah, nescaya Allah akan memberi kelapangan untuk kamu. Dan apabila dikatakan: "Berdirilah kamu,” maka berdirilah, nescaya Allah akan meninggikan orang yang beriman antara kamu dan orang yang diberi ilmu pengetahuan beberapa darjat. Dan Allah terhadap apa yang kamu kerjakan adalah al-Khabir (Maha Mengerti/Mengenal)”

Oleh demikian, marilah kita jadikan membaca ini gaya wawasan, budaya hidup dalam usaha kita memajukan dan membangunkan budaya ilmu seterusnya menangkat negara kita sebagai negara maju di samping kita dapat memenuhi tuntutan agama.

p/s: Jikalau terdapat kesilapan, sila tegur saya.
       Thanks to radinfadzil for sharing his blog.(huhuhu)

Teen's Problem: Sleep Disorder

adapted from

Last week, I had been suffering sleep disorder which was insomnia (maybe or even better than that).

I had analyzed myself during the nights that my eyes were hardly to close.
The diagnosis showed that I had ruined a bit my sleep’s time. (Skill owned by a pharmacist to-be, INSYA-ALLAH)
It was because I ‘played’ futsal at PJ with my brother and brother-in-law last night.
Actually, I was taking care of my nephew, Ahmad Rashid.
My sister was correct.
To look for her son was much more tired than playing futsal.
I had to bring him around and make him laughing in order to prevent him from crying all the time.
The game was only taking us for 2 hour.
After that, we watched television in order to relieve our tired.
Burning the midnight’s oil caused my sleep was not in order for next 2 nights.

First night after finishing my CNY holidays, I could not sleep even I was lying on the bed which can make me to sleep soundly.
I was able to sleep after the clock showing me 2.30 a.m.
I tried to read books which recommended by HOTFM as reading can make people sleep but it have negative result.
I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning
On the next day, I planned to sleep in the bus before arriving at INTEC.
However, I had to stand not sit.
So, there was no sleep in that morning,
During the lecture times, I felt fresh even I did have enough sleep. (Amazingly weird)
After the Asr time, I tried to sleep again but I was unable to do so.

At the 2nd night, I experienced the same symptoms.
On the next day, my body was shaking a bit but not dancing!!
My eyes were still unable to close even I felt so exhausted in that afternoon.
I taught I would be fainted somehow in INTEC.
After the Asr time, I forced myself to sleep right after I reached my room.
I woke up during the Maghrib time.
The sleep was so a relief for me to get some ATP to continue my day.

Then, at night, I was able to sleep. The secret of the scene before the sleep will be told after this.

After 2 nights without enough sleep, I meet Hajah Siti Aluyah to get her consultation.
She advised me to pray and speak my problems out to ALLAH.
Appreciation credited to Hajah Siti Aluyah.
Outmost important was Thanks ALLAH for relieving me.

I would like to thank that guy, named A.
It was because he sang some songs to me.
Then, I could sleep soundly…really a sound.
In meantime, I knew him better and caused my perception changed on that particular thing.

After that, my sleep was well.
Moral of the story, do appreciate our sleep but do not too appreciate it until we forget what the world is about.

p/s: Thanks to radinfadzil for sharing his blog. (huhuhu)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

2012 Blood Donation Drive

PEERS is always a great club aiming in lending others a helping hand.

On 19th January 2012, we have decided to do something great which not only changes our scale of helping others, but also touches the souls of INTEC students – a blood donation drive. This programme was co-organised by the counseling and career unit in collaboration with Malaya University Medical Centre.

Just like Superman, helping others is always our pleasure ^^

The blood donation drive which took place in the INTEC Library saw hundreds of INTEC students standing shoulder to shoulder all in the name of donating their blood to help the people-in-need.
Their altruistic spirit is something that all of us should respect and salute. =D  

Buon Lavoro to all INTEC staffs and students!!!

Bravo to all PEERS members directly or indirectly involved for making this event a success. Hopefully this event will be an annual event of INTEC so we will be able to contribute to the suffering and needy out there every year. Tee-hee!