Saturday, 28 January 2012

2012 Blood Donation Drive

PEERS is always a great club aiming in lending others a helping hand.

On 19th January 2012, we have decided to do something great which not only changes our scale of helping others, but also touches the souls of INTEC students – a blood donation drive. This programme was co-organised by the counseling and career unit in collaboration with Malaya University Medical Centre.

Just like Superman, helping others is always our pleasure ^^

The blood donation drive which took place in the INTEC Library saw hundreds of INTEC students standing shoulder to shoulder all in the name of donating their blood to help the people-in-need.
Their altruistic spirit is something that all of us should respect and salute. =D  

Buon Lavoro to all INTEC staffs and students!!!

Bravo to all PEERS members directly or indirectly involved for making this event a success. Hopefully this event will be an annual event of INTEC so we will be able to contribute to the suffering and needy out there every year. Tee-hee!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Pagi yang nyaman. Udara agak berdebu tapi masih lagi menyegarkan. Burung burung bersama keluaraga dan jiran tetangga berterbangan keriangan di angkasa raya. Sang mentari bermain sorok sorok di sebalik kepulan awan yang memutih seolah olah segan silu menampakkan dirinya yang sudah terang lagi bersuluh. Syukur kepada-Nya. Sekali lagi diberi peluang bernafas.

Drama sudah tamat

What happens once will never happen again. But what happens twice will surely happen a third time
(Coelho, P.)


Tahun baru masihi pun dah. Tahun baru Islam pun dah. Tahun baru Lunar pun dah. Rasanya dah cukup lengkap. Masih lagi di mode tahun baru, azam macam mana? Wah agak boring intro ini. Sangat fail -.-

Sudah lama kiranya saya tidak bertinta di sini. 23 minit 14 saat yang lalu sempat saya berbalas komen dengan saudara Radin kegilaan ramai di mukabuku group INTEC. Tiba tiba issue blog dibangkitkan lalu saya secara tidak sengaja terjerumus untuk menulis entry ini.

Tertarik dengan kata kata Mat Salleh di atas.

*jap ada orang datang*

Ok dimana ya?

Rasanya ini lah waktu yang tepat lagi bernas untuk berbicara tentang perubahan, a change. Rasanya sudah tiba masanya untuk kita membuat refleksi diri masing masing dan Tanya diri sendiri, adakah betol apa yang kita usahakan selama ini? Adakah kita pada landasan yang benar?

Jika tidak maka berubahlah.

Late is better than never

Tepat sekali.

So dikesempatan ini marilah sama sma kita renungkan dan fikirkan. Saya bukan mengaajk kalian berubah menjadi super saiya lalu menyelamatkan dunia yang entah apa apa ini. Tidak. Saya bukan menyeru kalian berubah menjadi ultraman kosmos lalu menyelamatkan manusia yang semakin alpa ini. Bukan dan tidak smaa sekali. Namun ayuh lakukan satu perubahan yang kecil tapi bermakna.

Everyone out there is talking about changing this and that but none of them want to change themselves. It is indeed a change begin with you, yes you.

Well, talk is cheap. Lets walk the way we talk :)

Gila bosan entri ini >,<

Monday, 16 January 2012

Anouncement on T-shirt (2nd Vs)

Hi Peers,
To those who want to buy the latest club's t-shirt, please pay RM15 as a deposit.
Deadline: 5 p.m. 18/1/12 (Wednesday)

Payment or more details, please contact:
Hasif Sharif (ALG15)- 014 2646393
Izz (ALM12)- 014 7139118
Syikin (ALM12)- 017 3820791
Syazzwanis (ALM12)- 017 4458831 

The actual design: collar, button, quick dry and short-sleeves only

Friday, 13 January 2012

Urgent: Blood Drive

by Counseling & Career Unit in collaboration with Malaya University Medical Centre

Date: 19/1/12 (Thursday)
Venue: INTEC Library Gallery
Time: 0900-16300

Please support us because Malaysia Blood Bank is out of stocks.
Have a breakfast first and enough sleep.
Do bring your friends too.

Donors' criteria:

Advises to donors:

Reward for donors:

More info:


Anouncement on T-Shirt

Hi Peers,
To those who want to buy the latest club's t-shirt, please pay RM15 as a deposit.
Deadline: 5 p.m. 16/1/12 (Monday)

Payment or more details, please contact:
Hasif Sharif (ALG15)- 014 2646393
Izz (ALM12)- 014 7139118
Syikin (ALM12)- 017 3820791
Syazzwanis (ALM12)- 017 4458831 

Peers, join the group:
Official FB Group:

Intake 2011 Group:

Official Blog:

It is not the real design..

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cognizant of The Difficulty~

Hi,everyone.....clicks and buds,
really been looking forward to see you guys are happily hanging around ;)

2011 is now just our memory. There may be happiness,sadness, or even the most remarkable memory been recorded in 2011.
2012 has called us on. Got so many plans to do,as we all are being tagged with extreme busy life -
Study,study,study! hey,guys come on! never constrain your brain only to studying,we can even make our life to be much better by taking our shares in charity works, and whatsoever.
We just need to be prepared for all those obstacles that might be intruding our life,
But it's not the best reason to set aside other things that typically contribute to a virtuous life.....
Chaiyok!we still got a very long way to wade through.Just believe in yourself,and all is well ;)

Enjoy every moment in your life !
Appreciate people around you especially your friends,
They deserved for that,give them hugs!
Chill out !

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year

New Year 
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The night is cold, the hour is late, and the world is bleak and drear; who is it knocking at my door?

I am Good Cheer.

 Your voice is strange; I know you not; in shadows dark I grope. What seek you here?

Friend, let me in; my name is Hope.

 And mine is Failure; you but mock the life you seek to bless. Pass on.

Nay, open wide the door; I am Success.

 But I am ill and spent with pain; too late has come your wealth. I cannot use it.

Listen, friend; I am Good Health.

 Now, wide I fling my door. Come in, and your fair statements prove.

But you must open, too, your heart, for I am Love.

Source :

However, new year is not about firecrackers only.