Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Farewell To Our Advisor

'Today brings the end of our trip 
our time as a group is now over, that's it
I love the simple word hello
It always rings an enjoyable bell
But one of the saddest words i know
is the tearful word farewell.

The word farewell often brings tears
And I've never known it to bring happiness 
in fact the time you say farewell
could also mean your very last goodbye

Farewell is a feeling
of something that’s gone
Farewell is a memory
that stays for too long
Farewell is everything
that’s been left unspoken

Goodbye to a farewell Advisor
Goodbye to a farewell friend, 
I never expected you to leave but you ran away, 
You said you would stay, 
But just like that you slammed the door in my face, 
So I guess you weren’t meant to stay, 
that’s why I say today you’re my farewell friend, 

I wish you farewell, 
to new and better things, 
No matter how tough it is, 
never give it up.
Reach for what you want, 
and you'll fly into the sky.

So long, I submit you a farewell, 
No matter how hard it may be to let you go.
I'll see you again, or perhaps not, 
whether you come to visit or it's in my memories.
Never overlook those who love you, 
I'm here for you.

I wish you a farewell, 
to a new and more thrilling adventure. 
Although there will be hard times, 
Forget them and remember the good ones 
you had here with your club members or I should say family

”Now I stand here in this small field, 
waiting for you to come, 
I just can’t face the fact that you’re gone” 


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